Leslie R.Brooklyn, NY - 7/30/2009
” My husband and I have been faithful customers for years, ever since we moved to the neighborhood. The pizza at Bay Ridge Pizzeria is unbelievable. They have the best sauce, pizza is always fresh and never laying there and the staff is friendly and professional. We have also used there services to cater our parties, they make the best rice balls, and chicken dishes… you will never be disappointed….. everything is super yummy….!!!! “
Nikki P.Brooklyn, NY - 2/16/2011
” My fav place to get pizza! Delish mozzarella sticks, calzones, rolls etc.
Delivery or dining it, it is a wonderful place and an awesome group who work there! “
Viv S.Brooklyn, NY - 1/7/2011
” I’ve never tried their pizza but there food is amazing. delivery and ordering is a breeze. i’ve lived in the neighborhood for the past 30 years and tried it all, gino’s, vesuvio’s but the bayridge pizzeria is right up there -if not -above all of them! “
ANTHONY T.Brooklyn, NY - 8/9/2010
” I Dare anyone to try their “Penne Alla Romana” specialty dish and try to say its anything but the best pasta dish ever !!!
They use the best and most expensive cheese available in the pizza industry, so anyone that complains must not know quality ingredients..
Pizza is great, but the dishes are even better!!!
Best Kept Secret in Brooklyn!!! Just try the Penne alla Romana !! “
Mary H.Hilliard, OH - 2/25/2010
” I was born in Brooklyn and my family was transferred to Columbus, Ohio in 1981. We have been searching for authentic pizza and realized the only way to get it in Ohio was to have it imported from Bay Ridge.
The minute I picked up the phone I felt like I was talking with family. Gaspar took care of all the details and when I received the pizzas they were as good as I remember!
Bay Ridge Pizza is not only the best pizza in Brooklyn but quite possibly the best pizza in the world!! “
ANTHONY A.Brooklyn, NY - 2/2/2010
” i love pizza i had my shear of them my whole life now i live in bayridge brooklyn i tryed pizza from 5ave to 3ave to goodfellas dont waste your money on those pizzas guys take it from me the great manga if you want a great pizza and great people to talk to go to bay ridge pizza wow its not over cooked like some do or a little under cooked like some just done right these guys know what there doing the place is like your going to meet family nothing like it i love it you call on the phone is like your talking to a family memeber its great felling awesome pizza guys thanks …nelson aka pro wrestler the great manga “
Patrick C.Brooklyn, NY - 9/15/2009
” Their grandma slice is the best pizza I’ve ever had! “
Antoinette L.Malverne, NY - 7/30/2009
” Bay Ridge Pizza offers the best food and the greatest service around. The staff is eager to please, the food is fresh, delicious, and the atmosphere is wonderful. This place is family oriented and very clean. I cannot say it enough THE BEST PLACE IN BROOKLYN by far!!! You try it once and you will keep going back for more!!!! “
Christopher F.Brooklyn, NY - 4/29/2011
” I had a special request for a classic Italian seafood salad and Bay Ridge Pizza came through with flying colors. Don’t believe me, ask and try it for yourself!! Very tender calamari, plentiful fresh and tasty clams, mussels and shrimp that were all marinated in garlic and olive oil with a healthy sprinkling of crunchy celery. You will enjoy this I guarantee! “
Scott D.Brooklyn, NY - 4/5/2011
” The best in Brookyn. I have tried almost all the pizza restaurants in Brooklyn. I miss Lento’s with their thin crust, but Bay Ridge consistently turns out a great pie. All my kids live away now, but the first and last place they want to eat when they come home is Bay Ridge. “
AmarisApril 23, 2011
” Bay Ridge Pizzeria is way more than a pizzeria. The food here is absolutely amazing, the staff is welcoming and friendly, and the service is excellent. This place is a definite “must do” and once you experience it, you will be hooked. Bon Apetite! ”


Antoinette LorelloJuly 30, 2009
” Bay Ridge Pizza offers the best food and the service around. This place is family oriented and very clean. The staff is eager to please, the food is fresh, and the pizza is delicious and the best around, and the atmosphere is wonderful. I can’t say it enough THE BEST FOOD IN BROOKLYN by far!!! You try it once and you will keep going back for more! We come all the way from Long Island just for their Pizza and Baked Clams!!! “
AlisaMarch 13, 2009
” I love going to this place, the people there are so friendly and the pizza is great!!! ”